Sites of the history of Israel


Bethabara Sites

(Photo above of the traditional site of the Jordan River crossing by Joshua, crossing of Elijah & Elisha, and baptism of Jesus by John, looking east from Israel into the country of Jordan on the opposite shore, taken Summer 2013.)

Summer 2013 below:

Bethabara (Bethany Beyond the Jordan)

"House of the Ford"

Traditional Site on the Jordan River

Set Apart on Both Shores of Israel and TransJordan


What Happened Here - BETHABARA


Time-That-Was of the Conquest

JOSHUA crossed with the Ark of the Covenant into the Promised Land.


Time-That-Was of the Two Kingdoms Divided

Believed to be the place of the floating axehead, the place where Naman did not want to get into the muddy water, and where

ELIJAH & ELISHA crossed to the place where Elijah was taken up in a heavenly chariot.


Time-That-Was of the 1st Coming

Believed to be the place where