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Bethlehem Sites

Time-That-Was of the Patriarchs




-3rd Generation


JACOB, grandson of Abraham, was traveling with his wives and children when his beloved wife,


RACHEL, died giving birth to Benjamin on the way to Ephrath, that is, Bethlehem.

***“As I [Jacob] was returning from Paddan, to my sorrow Rachel died in the land of Can aan while we were still on the way, a little distance from Ephrath. So I buried her there beside the road to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem) (Genesis 48:7 NIV).”***




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Summer 2013 Free Days (05.22.13)


[near Bethlehem in the region of Judea]


Below Pictures Taken Between 1917 and 1948

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(Photo above taken Summer 2013 of Rachel’s Tomb in Judea, less than 5 miles south of Jerusalem and on the road to Ephrath, that is, Bethlehem. She was the beloved wife of Jacob in the 3rd generation of Patriarchs and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.)