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Time-That-Was of the Divided Kingdom of Judea & Samaria (Israel) (Kings & Prophets)

   Because the nation began to push God out of the national life, corruption set in. A young king would not listen to the advice of the old men who had experience, but listened to the advice of his young friends. He raised the tax burden on the people, and there was a great tax revolt, that led to the division of the country into two nations:

-the northern nation of 10 tribes, called Israel, with a capital at Samaria, and

-the southern nation of 2 tribes, called Judea, with their capital remaining at Jerusalem.

   God sent prophets to warn them that they needed to repent. Two of those prophets were ELIJAH & ELISHA. At Mt. Carmel, Elijah challenged the pagan priests of Baal; at Jericho, Elisha threw salt into bad water, it became good, and it is good to this day.

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Time-That-Was of Judea Alone

   Moral decline that had led to division then led to inability to protect themselves. [“United we stand; divided we fall.”] Enemies from the north (from what is now Syria and northern Iraq),

ASSYRIANS, began to invade, destroy, and scatter the ten northern tribes into exile. They then attempted to invade the two southern tribes that have Jerusalem in between them. Before the Assyrians laid siege to Jerusalem,

KING HEZEKIAH of Judah, had fortified the city with a unusually “broad wall”, segments of which may be seen today. The same king also developed a tunnel system that would direct an underground, protected flow from the Gihon spring to the Pool of Siloam, inside the city’s walls, thereby protecting the city’s water supply from enemy invasion. Two groups of tunnel diggers managed to start at different ends and yet come together under the earth by tapping to keep aware of where each other was. Today, people can go to the City of David, outside the south wall of the Old City, and wade through the same crisp cool water through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, from the Gihon spring to the Pool of Siloam. When the Assyrians finally laid siege, God allowed a plague to go through their army, and they finally had to give up taking Jerusalem. However, God sent prophets to warn Judea [Judah, Jerusalem, and Benjamin] that they would need to repent if God was going to continue to spare them.


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