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The 3 Elements of the Era:JEWS              -The "Jewish Diaspora" (the scattering of the Jews)CHURCH       -The "Church Dispensation" (world evangelism to the Gentile nations) NATIONS      -The "Times of the Gentiles" (the trampling of Jerusalem)


Time-That-Was of the Early Church (30-70 AD)    Although the early church started with all Jews, based in Jerusalem & headed by James (correct translation is Jacob, there is no Hebrew name that translates as James; the mistake first came out in the King James Version), there were initial first steps of understanding that the Gentiles were to be included.  Peter, in Joppa, had a rooftop vision that caused him to go up the Mediterranean coast to Caesarea to convert the first Gentile, Cornelius (Acts 10).





Where the “Grafted-In” Sign Was Excavated





(Photo above taken of the bone boxes accidentally uncovered by “bulldozer archeology” during the remodeling of the Dominus Flevit Church on Mt. Olive. They are of 1st Century Christians, likely Jewish-Christians:

[1] The inscriptions on the boxes are Christian.

[2] One had the name of Simon Bar Jonah, which was Peter’s name; it has been removed to the Church of Flagellation in the Via Dolorosa, and archeologists have been denied a viewing.

[3] The practice of removing bones from a family tomb to a bone box so that the tomb could be reused was only for about 100 years, so these would date to the time of the early church of the first Century.

The teardrop-shaped modern-day church was built half-way down Mt. Olive to “mark” the traditional spot of where Jesus had stopped to lament and predict the destruction of the 2nd Temple, which happened about 40 years afterwards, fulfilling the LORD’s prophecy. Just as Jews are buried on Mt. Olive in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, so did these Christians of the all-Jewish first church - today called “Messianic Jews” - choose this place for burial because they remembered that day with Him, verifying this site as where His lament actually took place? The church erected a building over the site to protect it.)


Time-That-Was of Paul’s Journeys (46-64 AD)

(“The world turned upside down”) (taking the Gospel to the Gentiles - the beginning of world evangelism)

Moses sent the Word - the Old Testament (which was the New Testament Concealed) into Israel;

Paul took the Word - the New Testament (which was the Old Testament Revealed) out of Israel.



Below are the modern-day names of the areas Paul evangelized: