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Galilee Sites

Photo above: cruising on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus multiplied the catch of fish and walked on the water, taken Summer 2013. Our boat was manned by Daniel, a Jewish musician and seaman, who had discovered that Yeshua -Jesus- is his Messiah.)


Galilee Sea & Down Jordan River Sites


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Slideshows coming back soon...Summer 2013 Trip below:Galilee SeaDay 11 - *Cruise on Sea of Galilee, *Ancient Boat, *Magdala, *Mount of Beatitudes, *Tabgha [miracle of loaves & fish], *Capernaum, *Chorazin, Bethsaida, Kursi-Hippos-Gadara [demoniacs & pigs], ends Tiberias

Fall 2010 Trip (10.26.10) below:Galilee & Golan*Cruise, *Ancient boat, *Tabgah, *Capernaum [St. Peter statue, ruins of Peter's house, Synagogue of Jesus, stele with N.T. names], *Beatitudes, *Golan Hgts. Mall, *Banias, *Yardenit

Fall 2010 Trip (10.27.10) below:Galilee & Down Jordan River Valley(*Yardenit, *Bet Shean, *Down Jordan River Valley)

 Also from Summer 2013 Trip below:


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