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Jewish Quarter


Photo above: taken from the courtyard, facing away from the Wailing Wall, the Jewish Quarter can be seen high on the western hill. It is separated from the Temple Mt. only by the Central Valley courtyard.  The life of orthodox Judaism is in that quarter, the courtyard, and the section of the Western Wall called their Wailing Wall. Photographed Summer 2013.)


Jewish Quarter Video & Sites


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Video below of Bar Mitzvah Celebration in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Jerusalem, taken during Summer 2013 Trip; most attached videos from UTube not associated with this website.

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Summer 2013 Free Day (05.21.13) below:   The Menorah in the Jewish QuarterTHE ACTUAL MENORAH THAT WILL BE PLACED IN THE TRIBULATION TEMPLE

[Slideshow coming back soon]Summer 2013 Group Day (05.28.13) below:Day 4 - Accomplished with group tour: Menorah, Temple Institute, Burnt House of 70AD, Broad Wall, Cardo, replica of Jerusalem part of Madaba Map, Hurva Synagogue, the Quarter Cafe area,  Wall, Tunnel, Citadel (Group Tour/Sit-Out for Us), Armenian Qtr., Archeological Park [no URs moved] [iso topo map]

[Slideshow coming back soon]Fall 2010 Free Day (10.31.10) below:Jewish Quarter done on our Free Days Shown: Arch. Park pass-by, Quarter Cafe sign, Burnt House, Cardo, Jaffa Gate[URs moved: Wall seen from Ramp, Top of Temple Mt.]




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