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Masada Sites

Photo above: visit to MASADA, Summer 2013)- Seeing Herod's palace ruins  on 3 step-down levels [Time of 1st Coming 30 AD] - Viewing sites of Roman camps at the base built to attack Jewish zealots on top [Time of 2nd Destruction of 70 AD]; Josephus said the zealots committed suicide rather than be captured. -The Israeli Defense Forces take their vow on the top of Masada: "NEVER AGAIN"

Masada & Other Dead Sea Sites


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What Happened Here - JUDEAN WILDERNESS:

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< SAMARITAN INN (Jericho Rd. to Jerusalem) - site of story told by Jesus about the good Samaritan helping a stranger in need; ancient artifacts from Samaria on display. Also area of  the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness after His baptism by John the Baptist near the north end of the Dead Sea. < QUMRAN (on NW shore of Dead Sea, not shown on map) - site of discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947; 2000-year-old copy of the Bible. Area where water will flow from the 4th Temple into the Dead Sea, healing the water.   < EIN GEDI (on west shore of Dead Sea, not shown on map) - a spring and oasis of fresh underground water. Site of David's hiding place from King Saul.< MASADA (on west shore of Dead Sea, not shown on map) - a high table-top plateau where Herod had built a palace fortress in 3 tiers off the north end. Used by the Jewish zealots in the 68 AD revolt against Rome as a place of refuge, Masada was besieged by Rome for 2 years, as can be seen by the excavated Roman camps at the foot of the mountain. Per Josephus, the zealots committed mass suicide rather than be taken by the Romans. Current Israeli soldiers receive part of their training and take their oath on top of Masada (the Israeli 'Alamo & Last Stand"). Reached by cable car.