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What Happened Here - EDOM:

Time-That-Was of Noah

JOB, an ancient Semite patriarch, perhaps before Abraham, lived near Petra in NW Arabia. One of his three friends who came to comfort him was Eliphaz, the Temanite; Teman is a town five miles east of Petra (Job 2:11).


Time-That-Was of the Patriarchs

- 2nd Generation

LOT, Abraham's nephew, was led out by angels before the utter destruction of the city of Sodom. The Madaba Mosaic Map shows the town of Zoar, to which Lot & his daughters had fled in the time of Abraham, to escape the coming judgment on Sodom. Using that ancient map, archeologists discovered a site on the Jordan-side of the Dead Sea that has the excavated ruins of a Byzantine church. Some believe Sodom & Gommorah were on the trans-Jordan side ["East Bank"], while others believe they were on the Israeli side ["West Bank"] of the Dead Sea.

- 3rd Generation

ESAU, Abraham's grandson & brother of Jacob, settled this area called Edom after him.


Time-That-Was of the Exodus

MOSES  was denied passage on the King's Highway across the Arabah by the Edomite king in Kadesh-Barnea (Numbers 20:17-21; 21:4). He then detoured through the southern-most part of Edom, perhaps through what are today called the towns of Eilat, Israel [biblical Elat?] and Aqaba, Jordan [biblical Ezion-Geber?], both on the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is the eastern finger of the Red Sea. On the way, people complained and were bitten by snakes. By the instruction of God, Moses made a bronze serpent on a pole [a type of Christ becoming sin on the cross] (2 Cor. 5:21). When they looked at it, they were healed (Num. 21:5-9) (John 3:14-15).

EXAMPLES***When we look at [meditate on] the cross and & believe that it gives us

-the right for the curse of the law [listed in Deut. 28b & including sickness] to leave us &

-the right for the blessing of Abraham [listed in Deut. 28a] to come upon us,

we can be healed [meditate on Galatians 3:13-14 + Deut. 28].

No Billy-Goat religion allowed - "I know the Word says that, but...but...but..."***

Moses stopped at what is today called the Wadi Musa, the gateway town to Petra, coming from the south, where he got water from the rock [a spring, Ian Moses, is there today].


RON, Moses' brother, died & was buried on Mt. Hor, the highest peak of Petra. The mountain top, marked by a tomb & a Byzantine church, can be seen from Petra.


Time-That-Was of the 1st Temple Destruction & Exile

EDOMITES, the descendants of Esau and the main ethnic element of today's "Palestinians", were told by the prophet, Obadiah, that because of how they had treated their brother, Israel, during the Babylonian invasion, they would be "pushed out" of Petra by their trusted friends (Obad. 1:7 LB). They resettled in Hebron, Israel, their first refugee condition.


Time-That-Was of the 400 Years of Bible Silence Before the Giving of the New Covenant

ISHMAELITES, of the first son of Abraham, called Nabatean Arabs, developed Petra in 200 BC as capital of their spice route during the era of Syrian-Greek rule. They were taxed by the next world-empire, Rome, after 63 BC. The Nabateans (of a son of Ishmael) intermarried with the Edomites (of Esau) and produced the family of Herod from this region and Idumea (in southern Israel - the place of the relocation of Edomites from Petra).


Time-That-Was of the 1st Coming

THESE SAME NABATEAN ARABS were still using Petra & the King's Highway as part of their trade route in the time of Jesus until around 100 AD.


Time-That-Is-To-Come of the Prophetic Future

THE REMNANT OF THE JEWS, the one-third spared during the Great Tribulation [last 3 & 1/2 years of the Final Seven Years], will escape to Petra, believed to be the place of refuge prepared by God, and will experience a national redemption, accepting their Jewish Messiah. They will say “Blessed Is He That Comes In The Name Of The LORD!” and it will bring the return of the Messiah, Yeshua [Jesus]. The Abrahamic Covenant will finally be fulfilled as these Israelis enjoy the full possession of all the land of the promise, with no one threatening to take it away. The camp of the saints will be around the Holy City.



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