THe story and sites of the Patriarchs of Israel










Shechem Sites

(Photo above: SHECHEM [now an Arab town they call Nablus] is in the distant valley BETWEEN MT. GERIZIM ON THE LEFT-south & MT. EBAL ON THE RIGHT-north, taken Summer 2013 from the road coming down from Mt. Kabir. It was naturally populated because it was one of the few east-west passages through the north-south ridge of mountains called the “Ancient Heights”, or the “Mountains of Zion”, or the “Way of the Patriarchs”.)

Time-That-Was of the Patriarchs


-1st Generation

ABRAHAM had followed God's instructions and left the home of his father in Haran to come to this land of Canaan; he first settled in Moreh near Shechem in Samaria, where he built an altar and where God said,



BORDERS***"To your descendants will I give this land (Genesis 12:6)."***





(Photo above: ELON MOREH. Moreh was Abraham’s first stop when he came to the land of Canaan, Summer 2013.)


(Photo above: JACOB’S WELL  is in a basement grotto of the church under the red dome, establishing the place of Jacob’s land purchase in Shechem. At a future time at the end of the Exodus, Joseph’s Tomb was built nearby on the same land purchase for his 400-year-old remains, buried here as promised. At an even more distant time, this would be the well that Jesus rested at when He talked to the Samaritan woman (John 4:1-26). Photo taken down slope and zoomed in from the top of Mt. Gerizim, Summer 2013.)

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