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(Photo above taken Summer 2013 across the street from Messiah’s East Gate and near the steps going down into the Kidron Valley. The Last Path sign is pointing to Mt. Olive on the other side of the valley and indicates where Yeshua was coming from in His Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem to begin the Last Week of His First Coming. He will be coming from Mt. Olive again in His Second Coming.)


Palm Sunday Entry from Mt. Olive

Last Passover Supper on Mt. Zion

Agony & Arrest at Gethsemane

Trials of Jesus on the Western Hill

Preparation of the Lamb at Bethesda

Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa)

Death, Burial, & Resurrection

Ascension Sites on Mt. Olive



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Map location of the traditional Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross):

The route is usually approached from Herod's Gate or the Lion Gate. The whole area of the northern retaining wall was a place of preparation to go on top of the Temple Mt.

- The red crosses depicted near the Lion Gate is the area of the pools of Bethesda, which was a place to wash the sheep, being prepared for sacrifice on the Temple Mt. Here an angel would trouble the water; Jesus healed the cripple who could not get to the water.

- The area marked "Muslim Quarter" is the area of the ancient sheep gate and the area of the slaughter of the lambs, so that they could be taken to the top to be offered as burnt offerings for the sins of the people. In the First Century, it was also the area of the Antonia, the Roman barracks; a paved floor with carvings of a Roman game that can be seen today. Here, in the area of the lambs, Jesus was beaten and prepared for crucifixion. It is believed Jesus was then made to carry His cross through the streets to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, also marked by red crosses. This is the place designated by Constantine and maintained by orthodox denominations as the place of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. (Protestants usually observe the site of the Garden Tomb, outside the Damascus Gate and maintained by the British.)


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