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(Photo above taken Summer 2013, looking west, of the Muslim Dome of the Rock on the Jewish Temple Mount, viewed from a Christian Church window on Mt. Olive. Inside the golden dome is an inscription that God has no Son.)


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Understanding All the Bible Ages Through:

A Summary of the Holy City



"Where God Meets Earth"

"Where God Has Said He Has Put His Name"


The Trampling of the Gentiles:"2 Destructions and Never Again"

Babylon destroyed the 1st Temple

Persia built the 2nd Temple

Greece desecrated the 2nd Temple

Rome destroyed the 2nd Temple

Antichrist will desecrate the 3rd Temple

Messiah will build the 4th Temple



PATRIARCHS The Story Begins



-4000 BC, Before Abraham, The Beginnings:

Time-That-Was of the Creation & the Fall of Man

Some rabbis believe ADAM was created with dust taken from Mt. Moriah and then placed in the Garden of Eden. Some even believe the Garden may have been in the area of Mt. Moriah.

(1) There is an ancient town to this day, east of the Temple Mt., called Adam, as though it were the place where Adam settled after being driven from the garden, east of Eden (Joshua 3:16).

(2) Also, the spring of flowing water at the City of David at the southern foot of the Temple Mt. is the Gihon, one of the four rivers mentioned in the Bible as the site of the Garden of Eden.

(3) With awesome progress, since the return of the Jews to their native land in 1948, the whole countryside is being cultivated to a return to a garden state (Ezekiel 36:33-36).

ABEL, Adam's son, built an altar to the Lord, a prototype of Moriah.


Time-That-Was of Noah & the Flood

NOAH  built an altar, a prototype of Moriah, when he and his family got off of the ark that had saved them from the worldwide flood.


Time-That-Was of the Dispersion by Languages

SHEM, a son of Noah, is believed to have settled [Jeru]Salem, the town at Mt. Moriah, that will someday be the capital & worship center of the world. David would one day have to take it back from the Canaanites, called the Jebusites.


-2000 BC, Father Abraham:

Time-That-Was of the Patriarchs

ABRAHAM, a descendant of Shem through the branch of Aram, was a man of altars and was set apart by God to be the first "Jew". He would start the race that would produce the Bible and the Messiah of all the earth. Before the law came, he gave tithes to the King of Salem (Genesis 14:18-20) and offered Issac on Mt. Moriah (the future site of the Temple Mt.), providing a prototype of God giving His only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. The angel stopped him and said that God would provide a Lamb [Jesus]!

JACOB, Abraham's grandson, stopped in his travels to sleep on the ground. He dreamed of a ladder going from earth to heaven, with angels ascending & descending, and believed this was a special portal to heaven. Some rabbinic tradition believes that this happened on the same site as what is now called the Temple Mt.. They believe the reference to Bethel, which means the house of God, was the Temple which would one day be built there.



EXODUS The Story Continues



-1250 BC

Time-That-Was of the Exodus

MOSES received the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai that were written on two tablets of stone by the finger of God. He then built the Ark of the Covenant to be the container for the two tablets and built the Tabernacle in the Wilderness to be the shelter for the Ark, a portable prototype of Mt. Moriah and the Temples that would come. Everything was done according to God's specifications and was patterned after those same things in Heaven. He then wrote the Torah [first five books of the Bible] with 613 laws and said for it to be kept by the Ark.



1ST DESTRUCTION The Rest of the Story



Time-That-Was of the Conquest

JOSHUA had the Ark carried into the Jordan River, with it parting the water as it went (Joshua 3:13).  Joshua began conquering the land of Canaan, promised to them by the Lord. He established the Ark & the Tabernacle at Shiloh [Samaria] (Joshua 18:1), which was a prototype of Mt. Moriah.


Time-That-Was of the Judges

JUDGES, such as Gideon, Samson, Deborah, and Samuel, kept the Ark at Shiloh, the prototype of Moriah, until the Ark was taken to war and then stolen by the Philistines, who returned it to Beit Shemesh, because it was causing a plague in the Philistine towns.


-1000 BC

Time-That-Was of the United Kingdom

DAVID conquered Jerusalem, purchased the threshing floor at Mt. Moriah at God's instruction to stop a plague, and declared it to be the place of the future House of God (2 Sam. 24:16, 18-21; 1 Chron. 21:22).


David brought the Ark into the City of David and kept it in the Tabernacle of David, while preparations were being made for his son, Solomon, to build the first Temple on the Temple Hill.

***The Tabernacle of David is the only Tabernacle-Temple without divisions (neither Jew nor Gentile, neither male nor female). The redeemed are promised the Tabernacle of David will be restored in the LORD's future kingdom.***

- 986 BC

SOLOMON built the 1st Temple and placed in it the Ark of the Covenant. He then dedicated it to the Lord (2 Ch. 5:7, 13-14; 7:1-3).


***"...the LORD said unto him [Solomon]...'I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put My name there forever; and Mine eyes and Mine heart shall be there perpetually' (1 Kings 9:3 KJV)."***


 Us in the Bible***After this "Golden Age", Israel began to forget the God of the Temple, & decline, division, & destruction set in. The Apostle Paul said "Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples; and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come (1 Cor. 10:11)."*** Time-That-Was of Two Kingdoms Divided   (Kings & Prophets)Because of a civil dispute,THE TEN NORTHERN TRIBES ["Israel"] split off and and began to worship golden calves at Bethel in Samaria and at Dan in the Golan Hgts. (not sanctioned by God).THE TWO SOUTHERN TRIBES ["Judea"] kept their worship remaining in Jerusalem with the 1st Temple. Time-That-Was of Judea AloneASSYRIANS invaded from the north and scattered and exiled the ten northern tribes. They laid seige to Jerusalem, but were not able to take it. God spared Jerusalem & the 1st Temple from the Assyrian invasion by giving Hezekiah, king of Judah, the wisdom of how to fortify the water supply and the city. [Sites/JERUSALEM/Original Jerusalem Slideshows/Hezekiah's Tunnel in the City of David]  [Site/TEMPLE MT./Jewish Quarter Slideshows/Hezekiah's Broad Wall in the Old City] God also allowed a plague to come upon the Assyrian army camped against Jerusalem. The Ark disappeared from the Scriptures during this time, some years before the 1st destruction. Time-That-Was of the 1st Temple Destruction and Exile-586 BC:ISAIAH, a prophet sent to Judah, had predicted the Babylonian invasion and exile, but also had predicted that someday God would raise up a person named Cyrus who would allow the Jews to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple and walls  (Isaiah 44:28-45:1 NIV).    JEREMIAH was a prophet sent to the southern tribes [Judah & Benjamin] to warn them that they would meet the same end as the northern tribes if they did not repent. He also predicted that their exile would be seventy years (Jeremiah 29:10). They didn't listen, so BABYLONIANS destroyed the 1st Temple on the 9th day of Av (2 Kings 24:10), and most of the people, not including Jeremiah, were exiled to Babylon.


JESUS & THE 2nd TEMPLE ERA"...to 1st Restoration to 1st Coming"

Time-That-Was of the 1st Restoration-516 BC:DANIEL, a prophet who was taken in the exile, read Jeremiah's writings, and knew what Isaiah had predicted as well. Daniel was there to witness whenPERSIANS invaded Babylon, and a king named

CYRUS [who could actually read what Isaiah had said, naming him by his name] took over the throne and made a decree that the Jews could return to their homeland to rebuild their walls and Temple, as Isaiah had predicted. The end of their exile was exactly seventy years to the day, as Jeremiah had predicted, from the time of the first deportation by Babylon to the decree of Cyrus, the Persian king, allowing them to return, so Persia authorized the building of the 2nd Temple. Very Word***A treasured archeological find is the "Cyrus Clinder" that is the actual decree of Cyrus. Archeology has verified that the Bible we have is the Very Word of God!*** Those returning from Babylon built the 2nd Temple with both weeping & shouts of joy (Ezra 3:7-8, 12-13; 6:14-15).***THE OLDER PEOPLE GRIEVED AND CRIED, BECAUSE THEY REMEMBERED THE MORE GLORIOUS 1ST TEMPLE; THE YOUNGER PEOPLE SHOUTED WITH JOY [probably because they had never had a Temple before]!***Time-That-Was of the 400 Years of Bible Silence Before the Giving of the New Covenant

The Persian Empire that God had stirred up to allow the Jews to return fell to the  GREEKS that followed Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the ancient world. When he died, his world empire was split between his four generals. One was awarded Assyria [king of the north] and one was awarded Egypt [king of the south], with Israel between the two warring nations, competing with one another. TheGRAECO-SYRIANS eventually took control of Israel under the authority of Antiochus IV Epiphanes [king of the north]. Through his tyranny, Greece desecrated the 2nd Temple. He defiled the Temple by sacrificing a pig on the altar and erecting a statue of Zeus in the Holy of Holies! This was the first abomination of desolation that had been prophesied by Daniel (Daniel 11:31-32). [Because this was the prototype of the antichrist to come, some believe the antichrist will be a Syrian.] Because of this, Jews have the expression today: "There is a pig in the Temple!"  Pigs are scavenger animals, and Jews are therefore forbidden to eat them. The Jews, under the leadership of the

MACABEES, revolted and drove out the Greeks in 163 BC, then cleansed & rededicated the 2nd Temple.  The Menorah was relighted and, by a miracle, one-day's oil kept it lit for eight days, while more could be prepared. This is celebrated every year by the holiday of Chanukah. The Feast of Dedication was even attended by the Lord during His 1st Coming, and some believe it will be on the day of Chanukah that the 3rd Temple will be cleansed by the Lord upon His return (Daniel 8:14-15).-65 BCROMANS had replaced the Greeks as the new world empire. They kept puppet kings in charge of the countries that came under their rule. In Israel, that puppet king was

HEROD THE GREAT. The expansion of the 2nd Temple by Herod was started before the turn of that millennium and was continued through the life of Jesus. The larger, beautified Temple was no longer on just the Temple "Hill". Herod built the Temple "Mount", a massive platform about the size of 3 football fields, 35 acres, still here to be seen 2000 years later. He went out from the bedrock with arches surrounded by retaining walls, then filled in with dirt, and built the platform on top. ***It was said: "HE WHO HAS NOT SEEN HEROD'S TEMPLE HAS NOT SEEN A BEAUTIFUL BUILDING!"***Time-That-Was of the 1st Coming


JESUS... as a baby was dedicated on the Temple Mt....as a young boy taught the doctors of the law on the Temple Mt....as an adult taught and overturned the tables of the moneychangers on the Temple Mt., saying that the Temple is to be a house of prayer for all nations...[Sites of Holy City/TEMPLE MT./Top of the Temple Mt. Slideshows]He healed a man that He sent from the Temple Mt. to go down the hill to wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam...[Sites of Holy City/JERUSALEM/City of David Slideshows/Pool of Siloam]   During His last week, Jesus wept over Jerusalem and prophesied the destruction of the 2nd Temple. [Sites of Holy City/JERUSALEM/Entry from Mt. Olive Slideshows/Dominus Flevit]   GOOD NEWS! Yeshua/Jesus said the destruction of the 2nd Temple was a type of the destruction of His body that would be raised again in 3 days. When He allowed Himself to be crucified as the Sacrifice for our sins, the veil in the Holy of Holies was torn to show we now have access to God the Father when we come to Him through trusting in the blood sacrifice of His Son. Us in the Bible***"...if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved (Romans 10:9-10)."***





A Summary of

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