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List of Kings of Babylon  and  Persian

Time-That-Was of the 1st Restoration

 (Persian Empire)

(Return from exile & building of 2nd Temple)

Persia overtook Babylon as the world power and "inherited" the exiled Jews. God gave them favor with the Persian king, Cyrus, who then made a decree that the Jews would be allowed to return to their Israeli homeland and to rebuild. Just as Daniel had been shown by the writings of Jeremiah and by the visitation of the angel, Gabriel, the time of exile had been exactly 70 years, from the time of the first deportation of the Jews by the Babylonians until the decree of Cyrus to return (Daniel 9:2, 24).

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Time-That-Was of the 400 Years of Silence Before the Giving of the New Covenant (Greek Empire to Roman Empire)


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