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(Photo above taken of JERICHO, THE CITY OF PALMS, 5 miles west of the Jordan River, and the first city that Joshua & the Israelites conquered, after completing the Exodus from Egypt & entering the Promised Land, Summer 2013.)

Time-That-Was of the Conquest


 JOSHUA became the successor of Moses who died after having led the people out of Egypt, through the Sinai Desert, and through the area now called the country of Jordan; Moses had gone  to the top of Mt. Nebo to see the promised land without being able to enter it. Joshua, leading the Hebrew people, crossed the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant parting the waters. On the other side, Joshua first conquered Jericho by a miracle of God ["the walls came tumbling down"] & then set about taking the other cities of the Promised Land. Joshua has the same Hebrew name as Yeshua [Jesus] that means “salvation” and is therefore a redemption picture of Christ Who delivers us from sin and leads us to victory. At the Bethabara Site on the Jordan River, tradition believes that Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist at the place where the Ark of the Covenant had been carried into the water and where Joshua had crossed with Israel. In close proximity is Jericho which was Joshua’s first conquest and where it is believed that Jesus went up into the Mt. of Temptation to endure His conquest of temptation to sin, which initiated His beginning of ministry.

Us in the Bible***God gives the land [His promises], but we have to possess it by our faith in those promises - by getting into and staying in agreement with God in our heart, with our mouth, and with our corresponding action.***

RAHAB, a Canaanite prostitute who lived in a house built on one of the walls of Jericho, helped the two spies Joshua had sent in before the conquest. Because of that, she was told to hang a scarlet cord from her house so that the Israelites would know to spare her in their taking of the city. Rahab’s scarlet cord is God’s redemption picture of the scarlet blood of Jesus that gives us deliverance from the judgment to come upon the children of wrath.



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