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The Judges

(Photo above taken of SAMUEL’S TOMB, north of Jerusalem and near his home town, who served as priest at the Tabernacle at Shiloh and was also a prophet and judge, taken Summer 2013.)

Time-That-Was of the Judges

SAMSON, GIDEON, DEBORAH and SAMUEL were some of the judges who led Israel, after the time of Joshua. During this time, Naomi, with her husband & two sons, had left Bethlehem, Israel, to go to Moab (central Jordan) because of a famine in Israel. However, the sojourn in a foreign land proved unfortunate. Both the husband and two sons died, and Naomi was left with only her two daughters-in-law. One decided to return to her pagan family in Moab, but the other,

RUTH, would not leave her Hebrew mother-in-law, because she wanted to serve the same God that Naomi served. Naomi, with Ruth, returned to Bethlehem, and Ruth gleaned in the fields of Boaz. Eventually she married Boaz, the family's kinsman-redeemer [a type of Christ] and had a child named Obed, who grew up and had a child named Jesse, who became the father of David, the great king of Israel, who was in the Royal Lineage of the Messiah, Jesus.

   It was because of that lineage, that, in the first century, Mary & Joseph would have to return to Bethlehem for the census, fulfilling the prophecy that it would be the birthplace of the Messiah.

Us in the Bible***Ruth was a Moabite, born into a pagan Gentile culture, who converted to the God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob & came to Israel to serve her Hebrew mother-in-law. She married Boaz, who was the son of Rahab who was a Canaanite prostitute, also born into a pagan Gentile culture. Rahab had converted to the God of the Jews and helped the Hebrews in their conquest of Jericho.

   Both women, born into hopelessness, through their conversion to the true God, which manifested in their support of Israel [see Sheep-Goat Judgment of Gentiles in the Second Coming, 3rd Temple Era], were forever placed in the Royal Lineage of the Messiah.

   These things are recorded to show us that the ground is level at the cross. No matter how our  earthly family may have failed us [all of us are born into the dysfunctional family of Adam] or how we may have failed ourselves by choosing sin,

GOOD NEWS! ***We can be transported into a new bloodline through our faith in Christ that will restore us to honor & to eternal life in the Royal family of God. When we are born again, all things are new and old things have passed away!***


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