Holy City story and sites



Top of the Temple Mt.



Top of the Temple Mt.


Mt. Scopus Views of Temple Mt & Sifting Project


Jewish Quarter    Western Wall & Tunnel


Southern Steps Archeological Park


Eastern Gate of Messiah



Below Pictures Taken Between 1917 and 1948



   The top of the Temple Mount is occupied (as seen on the diagram) by the muslim buildings, Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. Many believe the Dome of the Rock is covering the site of the two previous Jewish Temples. Others believe it covers the Foundation Stone that was in front of the 1st and 2nd Jewish Temples. Probably the world's largest platform, it is 35 acres, approximately the same as three football fields. The retaining walls were built by Herod the Great and were there during the 1st Coming of Christ. Only a small section of the Western Retaining Wall is used by the Jews for the only outdoor and most renown synagogue in the world.


(Photo above taken sometime before 1946 of the Temple Mount from the southeast. It clearly records the desolation of the land before the Jews returned and became a nation-state once again in 1948. As predicted by the prophets of the Bible, the Jews are turning it back to the likeness of the Garden of Eden.)


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