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(Photo taken at entrance to the “CITY OF DAVID”, the original part of Jerusalem established by King David as the capital of Israel. Here, David brought the Ark of the Covenant and housed it inside of the Tabernacle of David that prophecy says is coming back in the end-times at the return of Messiah Yeshua and will be once again the only Tabernacle without divisions. It will truly be a “House of Prayer for all nations”.)

Time-That-Was of the United Kingdom

 (the Golden Age of Israel)


   The people asked God to give them a king like the other nations had. God did not think it was the best thing for them, because He knew how corrupt human leadership could become, but they insisted, so He granted their desire. He sent the priest and last judge,

SAMUEL, to anoint the first king, Saul.

SAUL, became very corrupt, so God sent Samuel to anoint the young shepherd boy,

DAVID, to become the next king. First, David would go through great testing, but it only prepared him for the great blessing. He fought a giant with only a slingshot. He won the battle because he trusted in God.

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   Then David had to hide out from Saul, when Saul became jealous and knew that David was probably the one who would replace him. One of David’s hiding places was Ein Gedi, an spring-fed oasis by the Dead Sea.

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   Finally, when King Saul died, David was crowned king of Israel. Even he fell into sin, but when he repented, God restored him and made him a great king. David fought Israel's enemies and brought peace and unity to his country.

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   For his first seven years of his kingship, David (line of Shem) made his capital at Hebron, but after that, he took back Jerusalem from the Jebusites, who were Canaanites (line of Ham) that had apparently taken the city from the line of Shem (Noah’s son who is believed to have been the king of Salem in the days of Abraham). David established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and purchased a threshing floor on top of Mt. Moriah, where Abraham had offered Issac, to be the site of the First Temple, which was built by the next king, his son,



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