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Wadi Qelt Sites

(Photo above taken of the St. George Monastery in the Wadi Qelt, Summer 2013.) The Wadi Qelt is a deep valley that runs between Jerusalem and Jericho, naturally forcing most travel to be west and east, since it is hard to cross. People had to walk on a road along the dry wadi bed,“paved” by Rome in the base of the gorge, known as the ancient Jericho Road. It was the path that the king of Judah took when trying to escape the armies of the Babylonian invasion. It was also walked by Jesus and was the setting of His story about the Good Samaritan on the road to Jericho.

Wadi Qelt Corridor Between Jericho and Jerusa sites


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NEW! Summer 2013 Trip (05.27.13) below:Sites Day 3 - Judean Wilderness:

Wadi Qelt Rd with ancient Jericho Rd. along the dry Wadi bed,

to Jericho and back,

ending at the wilderness-backside of Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem with group


NEW! Summer 2013 Trip (05.27.13) below:Wadi Qelt Corridor Between Jericho and Jerusalem Slideshow Highlights:

Dot Donkey Below on the Way to Jericho[Missing Dot Dog We Left at Home]: