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Western Wall


(Photo above: the most renown and only open-air synagogue in the world, ---the "Wailing Wall" of the Jewish people on the right. To the left is an arched doorway that goes into a "compartment" of a tunnel dug out along the rest of the Western Wall going north. That part is referred to as ---the "Rabbis' Tunnel" and is a section devoted to meditation & prayer. From another arch on the left, the majority of the tunnel can be entered by men or women. The first part of that area exposes ---the Herodian-era street and chamber where Jesus had probably walked 2000 years ago, the second part is known as ---the archeological tunnel, and the last part is ---the Hasmonean area of the tunnel, dug to be a reservoir & aqueduct section in the period between the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Tunnel has been dug by the Israelis under Muslim buildings and not without loss of Israeli life, photographed Summer 2013.)


Western Wall & Tunnel Sites

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Below Pictures Taken Between 1917 and 1948

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